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Julio Toledo
Civil Service Ambassador

Julio Toledo is dedicated to the law enforcement profession and his family. He is married to Denise Toledo and together they are the proud parents of their three children, Daniel, Diana, and David. Born and raised in the vibrant North End of Springfield, Julio's passion for serving his community led him to a distinguished 27-year career with the Springfield Police Department.


Lt. Toledo’s exceptional skills and commitment continue to be recognized in our community. His promotion to Sargeant in 2009 was quickly eclipsed by his 2019 promotion to Lieutenant. Alongside his impressive professional achievements, Lt. Toledo has also had success with higher education, earning a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and a Graduate Certificate in Forensic Criminology from the University of Massachusetts. Lt. Toledo also shares his expertise and knowledge as an Adjunct Professor at both HCC and Bay Path, bringing along his invaluable insights gained from his diverse background and experiences. 


Outside of his duties within the police department and academia, Lt. Toledo is an active contributor to his community. He served as the former Chairperson of P.R.C.C. and is a co-founder of M.I.L.E., a non-profit organization with a mission to promote diversity in law enforcement. M.I.L.E. focuses on recruiting individuals from minority backgrounds into law enforcement and advocates for their advancement into leadership roles. 


One of Julio's notable accomplishments is his involvement with the C3 Policing Program. This community-focused initiative, which originated in the North End of Springfield, gained nationwide recognition for its role in reducing crime rates, stimulating economic growth, fostering positive police-community relations, and enhancing the quality of life for residents. His contributions and participation in a Harvard University study of the C3 were invaluable in helping others better understand how best to implement community-oriented policing strategies. The program's success led to its expansion into neighboring cities, further benefiting communities and promoting safer environments. With a remarkable career spanning decades, Lt. Julio Toledo continues to make a difference through his exceptional service, leadership, and dedication to building safer and more inclusive communities. 


Please join us in congratulating Lt. Julio Toledo as this year’s Civil Service Ambassador.

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