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Taurean Bethea/Springfield Pride Parade
LGBTQA+ Ambassador

The Springfield Pride Parade, led by our friend Taurean Bethea, provides us all with an example of how to passionately represent the richness of our intersectionality. For two very successful years, Taurean and his Board of Directors proudly represent the LGBTQ+ community, advocating for the principles of equality, acceptance, and inclusion. Through their unwavering commitment, they promote awareness, understanding, and dialogue surrounding LGBTQ+ issues, while tirelessly advocating for the rights and well-being of all in everything they do.


Their dedication aligns perfectly with the mission of the Springfield Pride Parade, as we are committed to fostering a community-driven movement of support and inclusivity. At the heart of their mission is the aim to remind LGBTQIA+ youth that they are safe, loved, and never alone. They strive to create an environment where youth can express their authentic selves, celebrating diversity and embracing the richness of the LGBTQIA+ community. Through their collective endeavors, they ignite inspiration for positive change, blazing a trail toward a society that is more inclusive, accepting, and embracing of all.

In addition to their remarkable work in representing our community, the Springfield Pride Parade has made a significant impact on a well-deserving student with their Ruby Lee Scholarship program. Notably, the first recipient of the Ruby Lee Scholarship was a deserving individual of Puerto Rican descent, residing right here in our beautiful city of Springfield. By directly investing in the education and future of local LGBTQ+ youth, the Springfield Pride Parade continues to create opportunities for growth and empowerment, leading to a more just world.


We are proud to present our first LGBTQ+ Ambassadorship to the Springfield Pride Parade.

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