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Payment is due upon completion of registration.  Registrations will not be accepted after Friday, September 8, 2023, For questions, please contact Shirley Rodríguez at  The Springfield Puerto Rican Parade reserves the right to limit the number of registrations and/or deny any registration if deemed to be in the best interest for the parade.

SPONSORS: As a sponsor, your organization is free to march in the parade and the registration fee is waived. Please email us here to let us know you'd like to march. 

SCHOOLS PRE K -12: Springfield Public Schools, including empowerment schools, that would like to march in the parade should fill out this form to register. All other K-12 schools within or outside of Springfield (charter and private) please register here.   Please note, your registration to march is waived.

SPRINGFIELD ELECTED OFFICIALS: Springfield elected officials in office are encouraged to march in the Elected Officials contingency for free and may click here to register.  If you are an elected official currently running for office for 2023 and would like to campaign during the parade, please select one of the entries below for Political Candidates.

Car Clubs: No more than four (4) car clubs will be registered for the 2023 Springfield Puerto Rican Parade.  The parade committee hopes to provide a diverse representation of our local car clubs. (ALL SPACES FOR CAR CLUBS HAVE BEEN RESERVED)

Marching Contingency Information

Primary Contact Person

Please provide contact information for the primary contact person for the group.  This is the person we will communicate with for questions on registration and billing.  

Please provide the contact information of the person(s) who will be the group leader marching with your contingency that we may contact for day-of parade logistics.  

Contingency Type

Please select the type of entry that best describes your group. A maximum of two vehicles is allowed per marching contingency (this includes 2-4 door sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and floats):

Please select all that applies/describes your marching contingency. 

Upon successful submission of payment, you will be brought to our parade reviewing form, code of conduct and waivers for completion.  Your registration is not complete until forms are submitted and verified by our staff.

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